Company introduction

Fujian Kangzhiwei Foods Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2000, located in Zhangzhou Jinfeng Economic Development Zone, Xiangcheng District, Zhangzhou City, Fujian, P. R. China, Covering about 500 acres. The food and beverage production company is specialized in R&D, producing and selling. Fujian Kangzhiwei Co. has a staff of about 400, and has a registered capital of 58.3 million yuan. Its trademark "Kangzhiwei" is a well-known trademark in China; it is also a Fujian famous trademark, one of the most famous brands in Fujian. The company is the market leader in the production of sports drink in Fujian Province.


2000,Kangzhiwei was established, using "natural, healthy" as the concept of product design

2002, produced “Kangzhiwei” series juice beverage, initially laid foundation for the market

2004, produced 鹽典, successfully entered Jiuhu Industrial Park, owned a factory of 10,000 square meter

From 2007, successively cooperated with Chinese women's volleyball team, Chinese men’s basketball team and Xiamen International Marathon Race.

2010, successfully entered Jinfeng Industrial Park, owned 400,000 square meters of industrial land, the first phase project(200,000 square meters)has been put into operation

2014, invented “C+柚” Lemon flavored drink, 鹽典COCO coconut water sport beverage, 熱帶美果

2015, 鹽典COCO was awarded as “star product” and “the best creative new product” in the national meeting hosted by Sugar.Cigarette.Alcohol.Weekly

CCTV’s exclusive interview

In October 28, 2014, a famous TV program in CCTV-7 reviewed the development of Kangzhiwei. The story that how our chairman of the board Zheng Zhijun started his business was regarded as a miracle. In the program, reporter and Zheng did an experiment together. They measured the temperature inside and outside bottles of three different sport drinks, the temperature difference of 鹽典 is up to 0.8℃, while others drinks’ temperature differences is no more than 0.3℃.

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